Unraveling the Knots: Strategies for Self-Care & Stress Management

Stress is an unavoidable component of our lives. We feel stressed by the demands of our jobs, family responsibilities, current events, finances, relationships, and so much more. Our bodies react to stress in a myriad of ways, including elevating our blood pressure, causing digestive issues, disturbing our hormone balance and contributing to physical and psychological maladies. The mind-body practices of yoga offer effective strategies for coping with and managing our response to stress.


This 3-part workshop will explore yoga strategies for self-care and stress-management, including:

  • Mindful movements to meet your body where it is;
  • Breathing practices to calm your nervous system;
  • Gentle, restorative poses for deep relaxation;
  • Guided body scans designed to help you quiet your busy mind; 
  • Simple meditation techniques for stress-reduction

Participants will receive handouts on all the techniques shared as well as guidance on using them at home. This is an experiential workshop, so dress comfortably and come prepared to move.