Say the word “posture” and immediately everyone around you sit up a little taller. 

Most of us acknowledge that good posture is important. So why do we continue to slouch in front of our computers or hunch over our phones? Poor postural habits not only contribute to chronic pain, muscle soreness, and spinal issues, but also to fatigue, digestive problems, and low self-esteem.

So what can we do to have better posture?

Join me for this 6-week informational course that will provide you with tools and strategies to help you counteract common postural habits, stand taller, and feel better.

Here’s what you’ll learn :

  • How posture affects your joints, internal organs, energy level, and spine; 
  • The causes of common postural conditions, such as Dowager’s Hump, Upper Crossed Syndrome, and Text Neck and how each impact your other body systems; 
  • Ways to combat postural habits to relieve neck tension, muscle soreness, and loss of strength;  
  • Understand the role of body alignment and the breath play in maintaining spinal alignment;
  • Easy, effective exercises to strengthen and stabilize key postural muscles.

Each 75-minute session will consist of a brief discussion of key concepts followed by a 60-minute movement practice. Participants will also receive weekly handouts outlining key concepts as well as access to three (3) home practice videos.

Can’t make all six class sessions?

No problem! Life can get busy, but that shouldn’t hold you back from exploring the wonders of movement. If you can’t attend all six class sessions, fear not – I’ve got you covered. I will happily provide recordings of up to two (2) missed sessions. Stay on track with your practice and catch up whenever it suits you. Embrace the flexibility and power of movement on your terms.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Incorporate Meditation for Holistic Well-being.

Movement will be incorporated throughout the workshop, so dress comfortably and come ready to move, listen, learn, and ask questions. 

This course is ideal for individuals seeking to improve their posture and gain strength in their upper back and spine. Participants must be able to get up and down from a chair without assistance, be able to stand unassisted for more than 15 minutes, and have access to both a wall and a flat surface on which to recline (either the floor or a firm bed).