Honest Reviews & Feedback


“I have known Beverly for quite a few years now, and am consistently impressed with her knowledge and patience as a teacher. I know her as a fellow yoga teacher, and friend, and am always honored to be in her class. She is attentive to her students, always comes with a lovely reading and a great group of asanas and continues to expand her knowledge with workshops and learning. Her students love her, and I fully understand why. She has enriched many lives through yoga, and her career as an elementary teacher…I wish my kids could have had her in that capacity as well! She is a joy to know and fantastic at all she does…”

— Amy Richardson Novak

“Bev brings a unique approach to yoga based on her personal faith and intuitive understanding of the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga. Her sessions are wonderful on both a spiritual and physical level, with each session based on your personal physical and spiritual needs. Bev is absolutely wonderful, as a person and a yoga teacher.”

— David Apy

“Beverly’s experience, knowledge and application of the therapeutic approach to yoga make her classes just right for each individual. Classes offer variable means of approach to each pose enabling everyone to be challenged at their just right level. I feel wonderful after every class!”

— Debbie Walsh Tomaino

“I am excited, for those in the area of Monmouth County New Jersey to whole-heartedly endorse Wisdom Tree Yoga, and my dear friend Beverly Davis Baird. Beverly is a healer, whose approach to yoga is to invite an individualized practice that leads one (at any and every level) to wellness and health. She is well trained in adaptive yoga techniques to extend the benefits to those who are challenged in their practice. Her patient instruction for me, provided me a “go to” restorative flow I could use while travelling around the globe… and helped me rest despite time zones and airplanes. She is truly a treasure.”

— Patricia Mc Hale Apy

“Beverly Davis Baird held yoga group sessions which I attended and were the most amazing and eye opening experience. After as my arthritis worsen Bev helped me to improve and strengthen without my having to resort to medication. If she is part of the Wisdom Tree Yoga group, get involved immediately. It was such a positive, and healthy part of my life. Bev is a tremendously kind and intuitive teacher. I am still looking for someone with just a fraction of her expertise in my new location. I give Beverly my highest recommendation and respect.”

— Peggy Kolasa

Bev is gentle, very knowledgeable and constantly checks to be aware of her students’ needs. I highly recommend her classes.

— Chris K.

“Awesome experience. Safe yet challenging workouts. Comfortable, engaging interaction, therapeutic, personalized yoga!”

— Deb T.

“Bev’s classes have made me aware of and given me the opportunity to improve and strengthen my body. I have learned so much and leave each time feeling better and knowing how to keep it going!”

— Carol S.

“Very positive, relaxing and connecting with body and brain. Personal accomplishment– no competition, no comparison.”

— Sara M.

“I like the chair yoga classes because I am not pushed too far physically. I feel relaxed with increased range of motion after the hour of yoga”

— Marianne R.

“Balance exercises are very helpful. I especially enjoy and benefit from exercises for feet!”

— Deborah D.

“Bev’s classes are always well thought out and planned. She gives great instructions and offers options for poses to meet individual needs. I often use her YouTube videos between classes.”

— Lisa B.

“Bev always knows how to help each one of us. She is aware when I need a little help and adjustment. The movements each week help all parts of my body feel better at the end of each session. Thank you!”

— Kathleen R.

“I really like the time she spends explaining each pose. Not just the positioning of it, but the muscles engaged as well. ”

— Dianna L.