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How do you feel today? Only have a few minutes? Want to de-stress and relax your shoulders? How about a class that supports your low back or sore knees? Easily find the right practice for your body and mood. With new classes each month, you’ll always find the right one for you.

Practices for Real Bodies

Fast-paced, strenuous yoga classes aren’t for everyone. Our member videos provide simple, accessible movement practices for older bodies that you can do in a chair, standing, on the floor or even in bed! Slow, mindful practices to nurture a healthy body, a calm mind, and a resilient spirit whether you are new to yoga or a long-time practitioner.

Monthly Themes

Knowledge is power. Each month I’ll focus on a different topic, such as balance, to educate, inform and inspire you to move, feel better and stay energized at any age. You’ll find easy-to-follow lessons about your joints, bone health, back care and more—it’s the perfect place to learn about what mature bodies need to stay healthy and vibrant.

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Recovering From Breast Cancer

Recovering From Breast Cancer

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Sign up today and gain access to all our premium yoga videos.

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