Morning Moves

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Set a positive tone for your day with this 30-minute early morning class.

Better than a cup of coffee, Morning Moves is a 30-minute class designed to get you moving and energized before work, the beach or whatever your day has in store. With movements to bring relief from aches, pain and stiffness, this class will set you up to start your day with more energy, focus, and optimism.

Practicing yoga at the beginning of your day is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. While yoga can be beneficial during any time of the day, when done first thing, it can reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which tends to be highest in the morning, allowing you to feel calmer. This better mood can last throughout the day as well as help you make better choices throughout the

So, roll out of bed, set up your mat and join me (in your PJs if you like!) to move, stretch and
mentally center yourself for the day ahead.

Participants must be able to transition to and from the floor with ease as well as bear weight on their hands and knees.