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Yoga practices for building bone strength and maintaining muscle mass, especially for individuals diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis. 

Bone loss is serious business. Both men and women reach their maximum bone mass around age 30, but begin to lose bone mass in their 50s to 90s. No one is immune from the inevitable decline and even physically active people begin to lose muscle mass after age 30. Health care professionals advise individuals engage in weight bearing exercises to slow the loss of bone mass.

Based on the work of Dr. Loren Fishman, this series focuses on yoga poses that in research studies have been shown to increase bone strength. Some of the topics covered in this class include–

  • how our bodies make bone
  • why we lose bone as we age
  • what other nutrients besides calcium your body needs to build bone
  • how to move safely to minimize your risk of spontaneous fractures
  • ways to improve your posture
  • what kinds of movements but you at greater risk for osteoporotic fractures
  • and much, much more

All the poses taught are appropriate for individuals diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis, but if you have one of these conditions it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before enrolling.

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