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June / July Theme:

Core Stability for Healthy Aging

  June 10 to July 25  *(no classes week of 7/1)

Summer classes will focus on core stability which is crucial as we age for posture support, balance, daily movement and overall well-being. Join me for this 6-class series to learn about yoga practices for increasing your core strength and stability.

Topics will include: 

  • the difference between core strength and stability
  • how a stable core helps prevent falls and back pain  
  • key yoga poses for strengthening your inner core muscles
  • link between core stability and posture 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your core, improve your balance and enhance your vitality!

Coming in September!


Strong Bones, Strong Body (Module 2): Building Bones

Course dates: September 19, 26 and October 13 and 10  

Module 2 of the Strong Bones, Strong Body series hones in on the body’s mechanics for building bones. We’ll focus on yoga poses to support strong bones, including safe forward bending and twisting for individuals with osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Included in this 4-week course is a brief discussion of the variety nutrients needed for strong, healthy bones.

Participants will receive a 7-page handout detailing key concepts as well as access to a home practice video.

Please note: if you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, I strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to participation in this course.


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