Gentle Yoga for Healthy Aging


Develop and maintain the skills of strength, flexibility, balance and agility for staying active as you age. 

Advances in modern medicine enable us to live well into our 80s and 90s.

But for most of us, being able to maintain our independence and health for as long as possible is a concern. In order to age healthfully and vibrantly, we must find ways to nurture our physical, intellectual and emotional well-being and stay active. The Yoga for Healthy Aging series focuses on the skills that enable us to age with grace and resilience.

To begin, classes focus on the maintenance of four key physical skills— muscular strength, joint and tissue flexibility, balance and agility.

You’ll develop these key skills while at the same time learning ways to reduce stress and increase your cardiovascular health. Attention is paid to developing mental agility through activities that challenge the brain and to fostering the tools of equanimity and resilience that are key to emotional stability. 

Numerous variations of poses and activities are presented to ensure that participants of all levels and ages can benefit. 

This is a wonderful class for any individual who wants to stay strong, alert and active regardless of their age. 

If interested, please reach out today.