Back Care 101

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Six-module series focused on practices to alleviate back pain and care for the health of your spine.

According to the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 80% of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lives. This series is designed to be therapeutic in nature with instruction moving at a pace that will allow you to care for any injuries or discomfort you may be experiencing. Come learn to relieve tension in your back as you strengthen the muscles that support proper spinal alignment. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you have back pain or just want to prevent it!  

*Please note: participants must be able to get onto the floor.

Module I – Sooth and Strengthen Your Low Back

In Module I, you’ll learn to relieve tension in the low back as well as strengthen your core to support proper spinal alignment. Designed to be therapeutic in nature, instruction moves at a pace that will allow you to care for any injuries or issues you may have (such as chronic back pain, scoliosis, disc injuries, stenosis, or sacroiliac pain). Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you have back pain or just want to prevent it!

Module II – Improving Your Posture: Yoga for Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

Heavy cell phone and computer use over time contributes to forward head posture and kyphosis of the upper spine, otherwise known as “dowager’s hump.” Both are serious conditions that can have an impact on the heart and lungs as well as contribute to headaches and other health issues. In this module, we’ll work to lengthen the spine, strengthen the muscles of the upper back, and use the breath to expand the chest and shoulders while maintaining the overall health of the entire spine. Students need not have taken Module I previously and no prior yoga experience necessary. Class size is limited, so register early.

Module III – Healthy Hips and Hamstrings

You are not alone if you suffer from tight hips and hamstrings. We hold a tremendous amount of emotional and physical stress in this area which in turn can contribute to back pain, knee strain and poor posture. This 6-week course will help you safely and gently open up the muscles around the hips, low back and hamstrings. Students need not have taken Module I and II in this series in order to attend, and no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Module IV – Unraveling the Causes of Low Back Pain

In this module, we ‘ll take a look at some of the deep muscles of the low back such as the piriformis, psoas, quadratus lumborum as well the IT band which can contribute to low back pain. Students will learn how to stretch and care for these muscles as well as what kinds of movement exacerbate low back pain. We also explore various causes of other low back pain such as sciatica and SI joint pain. This 6-week class is the fourth module of the Back Care 101 series. Students need not have taken Modules I-III in order to participate.

Module V – Building Core Strength & Stability

Strong core muscles are key to protecting and supporting the low back. But you need to strengthen more than the muscles commonly referred to as “the six-pack.” There are 29 muscles found in the front and back of the torso, including the muscles of the pelvic floor, that comprise our core. Come learn about these key core muscles and how to strengthen them to provide greater stability to the low back. Students need not have take the previous modules to participate. Space is limited, so please register early.

Module VI: Caring for Your Whole Spine

A weakness in one part of your spine effects the entire spine. In this module, we’ll begin with examining how our feet impact the alignment of the entire spine. We’ll also look at how the knees and hips contribute to imbalances in spinal alignment. Spinal conditions such as scoliosis and lordosis (excessive inward curve of low back) impact alignment of the vertebrae. Suggestions for home practice will be provided so students can care for their own back.